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Helping Entrepreneurs Fix Serious IRS Problems

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you started your business to live the American dream. You wanted to make good money, on your own terms, doing something you were proud to do, with the hopes of creating something great.

For many business owners, they run their business without fully understanding their tax obligations. And as they become more successful, they start to become responsible for massive tax obligations to the IRS and to the state that they did not fully anticipate and understand.

As time goes on, the snowball gets bigger. Before they know it, they owe the IRS 6-figures, if not multiple 6 figures, in back taxes. They have years of unfiled tax returns. If they have employees, they have payroll tax issues.

And because of the sheer amount of what is owed, the IRS (and usually the state too) start to come down hard.

It becomes so overwhelming that it seems like there is almost no way out. Every option seems like choosing between equally bad choices.

What can these business owners do?

The Secret Lies in Total Transformation

Most business owners struggle to fix this problem because they don’t address the root cause. Why are you and your business perpetually owing all of these back taxes each and every year in the first place?

Our most successful clients commit themselves to (with our help and guidance) retooling their financial foundation to ensure tax compliance from now on. When done right, it actually helps them save money in taxes too!

And once their business has a solid financial foundation, they are ready to negotiate with the IRS.

Because of the sheer amounts owed, the simplistic negotiation resolutions that most people are familiar with (“call the IRS and get a payment plan”, “settle for pennies on the dollar”) simply do not work. Getting the balances into final resolution takes a trained hand, perseverance, and a commitment to “changing your ways” to avoid adding additional liabilities in the future.

We coach our clients through each and every step of the process, and take over all negotiations with the IRS. We want all clients who come to us to get a fresh start in their business, and in life!

Learn My Exact 3-Step Back Tax Resolution Process

So you can resolve your problem with the IRS, starting today.